Friday, July 2, 2010

Eclipse: My movie review of Book vs. Movie

Well, since I read the books (twice), and reviewed New Moon when it came out, it was inevitable that I was going to do the same for Eclipse.

I took the day off work to watch it with my two older sisters. We each became a little hooked on Twilight in our own way. Eclipse was my 2nd favourite book (Twilight being my fave) out of all of the Twilight saga books, so I was hoping for a great movie...

There were many things I loved about the movie...I loved the fight scenes- the special effects were amazing; loved the proposal scene and other love scenes between Bella and Edward ( what can I say, I love romance!)... The new Vampire, Riley, was fantastic playing his part- I look forward to seeing him as a baddy in other movies.

Hated Jasper's hair (for that matter, every single movie I have hated his hair) to the point of distraction, hated Rosalie's black eyebrows contrasting her blonde hair, and I was a little disappointed with how they treated the "Imprinting" and "Third Wife" and "First Werewolf story".

I think they should've taken out the dream sequence/story visions of Jasper's and Rosalie's transformation (because really, they didn't show anything more than what a few words would have told), and concentrated more on the third wife story. Then, when Bella sacrifices herself, it would be more impacting. This really was a huge theme in the book, through out each book really. Bella saves them each time, whether she believes it or not, and they just kind of brushed over it as if it didn't really happen.

For all the fuss that was made over the changing of one actress to another for the role of Victoria, I don't think it really mattered. I can't remember her uttering more than a line or two, and really, Xavier Samuel did such a good job at Riley, that he kind of stole the show for the baddy award. For what it's worth, Rachelle Leferve suited the role better to me.

There was more violence in this one (but there was always going to be it); more love scenes; more Edward versus Jacob- which is what all of us fans live for! I was happy to watch it simply because there was more Edward- and therefore more Rob Pattinson's face (and I am a Team Edward girl completely), but I was excited to watch it because there was so much more going on, and this is really where the story begins to unfold further and further.

As with any movie from book adaptation, they can never fit it all in. Like I said before with New Moon, it is the book on speed. They basically have taken the essential parts of the book (got rid of the rest), put in a few loves scenes, and bam! There's your screen play.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves the books, or who loves a bit of romance and action thrown in. I probably would say that there are too many lovey-dovey moments for the male population to endure willingly, unless they are into that. Have fun watching it! My sisters said they missed the screams and cheering whenever Jacob and Edward turned up on screen- look at my New Moon review to understand what they were talking about!

So, I would love to hear from those who have watched it. Are you a fan? What did you love? What did you hate? Were there screaming and cheers ion your cinema? Or did you manage to find a bunch of civilised fans?


  1. You've inspired me to give the books a go.... I was kind of put off by all the hoop-la, got a bit Twilighted out... but I've enjoyed the films (just quietly!)... almost considered buying an 'Edward' necklace today... but I think I'mn a bit old for all that!!! Maybe not!
    xx Lucy

  2. I don't think anyone is too old for Twilight- if they love romance! I saw a pack of Grandma's in yesterday's audience... just be prepared for loads and loads of teenagers, and I would suggest to book your seats.

    I was so wrapped up in the books, that once I got to Breaking Dawn (the fourth), I couldn't put it down and literally read the whole thing from cover to cover in one day- no sleep! I love it, but it is not for everyone.