Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Penelope Red Black Latin Bolero Jacket

I have been busy making a few more handmade winter pieces for the markets recently, and I wanted to show you this brand new style, the Penelope Red Black Latin Bolero! I call it "Latin" as, for some reason, when I tried this style on, I thought the cream appliquéd lace gave it a very Spanish type of feel.

Sometimes my designs come to me at the most unusual times... when I am sleeping and I dream it; when I am cooking or walking; basically when my mind is somewhat shut off from the constant design process. I guess you could say they are like instant snap shots that kind of appear in my brain for a split second, then disappear. I usually can't do anything else until I draw the idea on paper.

This design came to me in one of those moments!

Above, cutting out the black jacquard wool fabric.

Next, I cut out the interfacing. The whole bolero is interfaced. A much better finish, and it will be much more durable.

Above, sewing the sleeve together.

I apply my Penelope Red label to the inside back facing.

I used silk lining for these jackets. The size 8 and 12 have black silk lining, the size 10 has pale blue silk lining.

I love the lace I used on these jackets! It is a very Art Deco styled lace- the lace I used for my wedding dress! I had a fair amount of it left, and I had been looking for the right design to use the rest in... so here it is.

I applied the lace in parts to the centre front, the shoulder seam, the sleeve hem and the centre back.

It was lucky that I could use the machine to appliqué all of the cream lace pieces on.

Above, clipping and trimming the seams- I do this on every seam!

Attaching the lining and facing to the main outer side.

The lace on the sleeve cuff/hem.

I will hopefully have some nice elegant photos of this design in the next week or two, and will add it to my etsy shop soon. I currently have a few bolero's already in the Penelope Red etsy shop, so please take a look, and visit again soon!

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  1. So lovely! I love black and white together, so crisp. xx L