About Me and Penelope Red

First of all...

About Me

My Name is Penelope, and I live in Sydney, Australia. From a very early age I loved creating! Whether it was painting, ceramics, sewing, cooking etc- I loved it! My entire family are very creative, so it rubbed off onto me.

This blog is about showing anyone who wants to look, my ideas, my inspirations, and the design and construction process of my Penelope Red designs.

About Penelope Red

Penelope Red is a dream of mine! I have always wanted to be a fashion designer, and not just for any label; for my own. I have always envisaged Penelope Red as setting the trends, rather than mimicking; I like it when people tell me my designs are so different, and they haven't seen anything else like it!

At the moment, while my label is starting up, I create every single last piece in the Penelope Red range. I spend a lot of time making each design; I like to show my readers what is inside my garments, as well as the outside.

Once Penelope Red has grown, I would like to hire a machinist (and not a factory) to help me, and steadily keep this growing. No matter how big or small Penelope Red is, I always want to have that hand-made and unique quality about my designs.

My Plans for the Future...

I hope to one day open a boutique, but not just any boutique. Every time I think about it, I imagine an old-fashioned design house... the finished designs and sales people out the front, and the designer and dressmakers/machinists out the back working away.

I guess, whenever I need a little motivation, this is what I think about. It has helped me so far!

To read more about Penelope Red, please visit the Penelope Red Website