Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Style: the Jigsaw Skivvy

This Winter I have designed a very new skivvy or turtleneck, using a variety of contrasting prints and colours, in a triangular motif, in the one design. 

I wanted to create a style that was stylish and glamorous while still being very wearable and warm! I realized I had all of these small pieces of beautiful fabrics, that were not big enough on their own, but together they could make something amazing... So the jigsaw skivvy was born!

The best part about this design is that the possibilities are endless since as long as I have different prints to choose from, I can then create variations on the same theme. I am even thinking about making this into a dress for next winter or using a blue or red instead of the black- depending on what colored prints I can find. 

Below are just some of the variations I have created recently...

Above, a customer pic of Katrina wearing her Jigsaw Skivvy...

And another customer pic of Lorelle wearing her Jigsaw Skivvy, below...

And the below design variation has been created all out of merino wool knit. This colour way really does make me want to do more in other colours! 

Please take a look at my etsy shop- link below-  for all the details of how to order this beautiful, versatile and easy to wear style! 


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