Friday, December 10, 2010

The Penelope Red Vesper Kimono

The Aqua and Black Vesper Kimono has been handmade from a 100% cotton print. This fabric is so beautiful and soft, with such a vibrant print- most people assume it is silk until I tell them that it is actually cotton!

I pleat the back panels, so you don't need to arrange it in a particular way- it is done for you. This is another surprise that people seem to love- because it is very hard to see this when it is hanging on the rack.

Above, the inside of the kimono- all seams are over-locked.

It is always nice to have a few extra photos of my designs- plus I love wearing my creations, so any excuse will do!

I like to wear the Penelope Red Vesper Kimono with a dark pair of jeans and heels for a more smart casual look...

... and I think it looks pretty HOT with a Penelope Red mini skirt. I wasn't sure if I could tuck it in and make it look good, but I am actually very happy with how it looks tucked it! I think because the kimono is quite a full in silhouette design, this actually makes my waist appear smaller- and let's face it, that is always a good thing!

The skirt I am wearing with it is my very latest design, and it is made from two cotton elastane prints. I haven't even named it yet!

A lot of people would probably say my choice and mix of prints is a little out there- but I love mixing up different textures and prints. It is my trademark. If you are not a brave as me, perhaps a black, blue, or red skirt would be just as lovely. I always say, "Your wardrobe is limited only to your imagination!"

You can buy this handmade Penelope Red Vesper Kimono online, in the Penelope Red etsy shop.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lorelle's Pink and Black One Shoulder Corset Dress

During this week, I finished hand making a custom order for one of my dear customer's, Lorelle.

Lorelle and her sister Leanne, wanted one of my corset dresses each to wear to a family wedding in January 2011. Leanne instantly loved the Silver Floral Corset Dress, and coincidentally the size 10 fitted her perfectly.

Lorelle originally wanted a corset dress like the Black Citrus Corset Dress, but since Leanne was already wearing the same shape, I suggested that I design on especially for her!

Introducing the Pink and Black One Shouldered Corset Dress!

I thought you may like to see a few photos of me creating this beautiful dress!

Below, staring to sew the outer fabrics together.

The dress itself has 3 layers: outer fabric (either Pink cotton/elastane print, or black ribbed poly blend), fusing then bright pink lining.

Above, preparing the corset- sewing interfacing to one of the corset pieces. The corset has four layers: outer black ribbed fabric, interfacing, interlining (where the boning sits) and lining.

Above, the back of the dress. Note that all seams are matched!

Pressing the back, above.

Above, adding the invisible zip.

Sewing through a few layers of the corset to secure the boning in place.

Above, inside the back, where the invisible zip sits, and the bright pink lining contrasts the black!

Above, sewing the lining together.

And under-stitching the neckline so the black fabric stays rolled under.

You can also read about another lady's feedback, who wore the Silver Floral Corset Dress to her daughter's wedding, here

I am looking forward to seeing some photos from the wedding day ladies!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Customer Photos!

I am very lucky that I have wonderful customers who return and tell me how much they love their Penelope Red purchases, and quite often they are wearing my design when I see them!

Every person wears Penelope Red in their own individual way, and it is a great way to show others what can be done with my designs.

Also, I love knowing that my designs have gone to a good home, and people are actually wearing them, rather than having them insulate their wardrobe!

Above, Sharna wears the Cosmopolitan Red Bow Tie Pants and Aqua Paisley Blouse.

In the image above and below, I wear the Vesper Kimono and Leanne wears the Black and White Nouveau Blouse.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My stay in the Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast, QLD

My husband went to a conference that was held in the Palazzo Versace Hotel, in the Gold Coast, a few days ago, so I tagged along to see exactly what the Versace Hotel was all about!

A few photos before we messed up the room...

The parquetry floor was beautiful, all the furniture had touches of Versace character, they even had glassware that had the Versace head embedded in the bottom of the glass to create a 3D relief on the bottom. The bed spread, towels, soap, etc had Versace emblems on it, but I was most impressed about was the pool-sized bath! It was huge... well, compared to our tiny spa bath we have at home, this spa was massive!

Of course, being surrounded by such a beautiful place meant I wasn't going to walk around in sneakers and track suit pants!

I am wearing the Pink Pencil Skirt, the Alexander Zebra Blouse, and the Venus Floral Bolero! A big mix of prints and colours, but everyoe who knows me knows I love my prints, colour and over the top styling! (which is why I loved this hotel)

The foyer chandelier! The foyer has a lovely area for cocktails and high tea. I could imagine it would be a great place for a girls day out high tea!

The beautiful mosaic floor that sits under the chandelier.

When ever you go to any other hotel, they leave an ordinairy, plain-looking teas set in the cupboard for you, right? Not here! Above is the tea set they leave for you in the Versace.

A little buffet breakfast... for me it is such a nice change to the boring white plates that every other hotel/restaurant/cafe etc serves food on. If I had a cafe/restaurant, I would go op-shopping and buy up big on all the vintage crockery!

It was so hot and humid, that a swim in the pool was necessary!

One of my latest designs, the Vesper Kimono... perfect for lounging around at the pool!