Friday, December 10, 2010

The Penelope Red Vesper Kimono

The Aqua and Black Vesper Kimono has been handmade from a 100% cotton print. This fabric is so beautiful and soft, with such a vibrant print- most people assume it is silk until I tell them that it is actually cotton!

I pleat the back panels, so you don't need to arrange it in a particular way- it is done for you. This is another surprise that people seem to love- because it is very hard to see this when it is hanging on the rack.

Above, the inside of the kimono- all seams are over-locked.

It is always nice to have a few extra photos of my designs- plus I love wearing my creations, so any excuse will do!

I like to wear the Penelope Red Vesper Kimono with a dark pair of jeans and heels for a more smart casual look...

... and I think it looks pretty HOT with a Penelope Red mini skirt. I wasn't sure if I could tuck it in and make it look good, but I am actually very happy with how it looks tucked it! I think because the kimono is quite a full in silhouette design, this actually makes my waist appear smaller- and let's face it, that is always a good thing!

The skirt I am wearing with it is my very latest design, and it is made from two cotton elastane prints. I haven't even named it yet!

A lot of people would probably say my choice and mix of prints is a little out there- but I love mixing up different textures and prints. It is my trademark. If you are not a brave as me, perhaps a black, blue, or red skirt would be just as lovely. I always say, "Your wardrobe is limited only to your imagination!"

You can buy this handmade Penelope Red Vesper Kimono online, in the Penelope Red etsy shop.

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