Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Penelope Red Navy Fluted Skirt and Autumn Flowers Blouse

I wanted to show off the Penelope Red Navy Blue Pinstripe Fluted Skirt, and the Autumn Flowers Bow-tie Blouse. I am so happy with this outfit! They look fantastic together!

I have already added the skirt to my etsy store, and the blouse will be added in the next few days.

Etsy only allows for five photos per design, so I like to use my blog to show you more photos, so you can see the design from as many angles as possible, inside and out!

I love the skirt so much because it is sophisticated, elegant, while also being seriously sexy!

Wear it with a collar shirt and simple black heels, and it could be easily worn to the office. You could wear it with the Autumn Flowers Bow-tie Blouse, or another top of your choice, and then you can wear it out after work, or on a night out with the girls!

The waistband has been decorated with a gorgeous top-stitching in mauve/lilac, so the choice of wearing a belt is completely optional. Additionally, the darts and side seam have been decorated with the same top-stitching detail.

The Navy Pinstripe Fluted Skirt is made from a recycled 100% Pinstripe Wool, and is lined with polyester lining. The fishtail hem is lined in a mauve recycled crinkled organza.

The Autumn Flowers Bow-tie Blouse is made from a gorgeous printed silk chiffon. It is a loose fit, and falls lightly over your body, draping as only silk chiffon does.

I highlighted the cuffs with contrasting satin covered buttons, that tie in with the red colour in the print.

I will always love big bows! They add drama, excitement, and a little old Hollywood flare! I also love big full sleeves right now!

I thought you might also like to see the skirt off a body, and take a peek inside, as well as see it on the mannequin:

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