Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Vintage Fabrics

When people have seen my designs at The Rocks Markets, or when I am wearing my Penelope Red designs out, most will ask me the same question, "Where do you get your fabrics from?". I know that my interesting fabrics and prints is what sets me apart from a lot of the other designers out there, so while I won't give away all of my secrets, I will share something with you...

I come from a long line of dressmaker's, and now that my Aunt's are getting past the stage of wanting to sew, they have decided to pass on their collection of fabrics to me! It only means great news for me and for my Penelope Red designs.

I have always loved vintage fabrics and prints- and they add an exclusive touch to my designs as no one else will have that fabric. Even when in was in TAFE, studying fashion design, I would visit the local op-shops and vintage stores, and collect beautiful pieces of fabric. Vintage fabrics is part of the Penelope Red aesthetic now, and around 50% of my fabrics and trims are vintage- especially after the latest editions.

The above photo and the below two photos are of fabrics collected from my Aunt Christine.
1. two cotton prints, and a beaded and sequinned trim.
2. printed linen, printed polyester and more beaded trims.
3. a black and blue jacquard and a printed cotton.

If you know anyone who likes to sew, you'll probably find out that we like to collect and hoard! Some people call it, "insulating the walls", other's call it, "fabric-holic". So when I meet a dressmaker who is giving up the trade, I always ask if they would like to sell their stash to me. The fabrics in the next image are from a recent "stash-buy". I love the printed wool (left), and the linen has come in handy (middle). The lace is probably my absolute favourite thing I acquired from this lady.

The fabrics above and below are from another aunt of mine, Aunt Patricia. All of these are cotton prints, and they will come in handy for the coming Spring/Summer- I can't wait to use them!

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