Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just for fun: my outfit and visit to the Archibald Prize 2011

I always think that the art gallery or any museum is a chance to wear something a little special. I know most people will wear whatever they find on the day, but I kind of feel that the artworks or displays that I am going to see are very beautiful, and surrounded by beautiful buildings, and a lot of people have gone to a lot of trouble to make it this way. I believe that dressing up shows a little bit of respect to the effort and thought that has gone into making such a display... Also, how many chances do we get to dress up these days in Sydney? Not many!

So, when I viewed the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW on Monday, I decided to wear my new Black and Cream Isis Blouse, and my Red Flared Pants. The pants I am wearing are my own personal pair that I made just for me, but if you like this look, you could get a similar look by wearing the Cosmopolitan Red Flared Pants with large bow.

I love the painting above. It sits in the foyer of the art gallery, and has so many colours! I would love to use this as inspiration for a print one day- or maybe even use sections of it to inspire the colours for a collection.

The weather was beautiful on Monday- a perfect autumn day! This is taken from the doorstep of the art gallery looking into the domain at the city.

Me and my Penelope Red outfit, out the front of the Art Gallery of NSW. I recommend going to see the Archibald Prize exhibition if you get the chance. I am not an art expert, and I don't usually like modern art as much, but I like this exhibition because it is about Australian personalities, and Australian Art.

Check out the shoes I am wearing... they are so comfortable- I walk in them every where now. They are from Nine West, and I love them!

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