Friday, April 15, 2011

Just for fun: yesterday's outfit!

After spending the morning taking loads of photos for the online shops of my designs, I had organised to meet a friend at a local sweets shop (my other weakness! 1st: fabric. 2nd: sweets!).

I really liked this outfit... this is about as casual as I like to go. If it isn't like this, then I am a complete train wreck in track suit pants and whatever top that isn't in the wash.

So, I liked this outfit so much that I wanted to share it with you.

1. Felt Cloche Hat: Forever New

2. Cream Bow Tie Blouse: Penelope Red

3. Olive Hathor Pencil Pants w high waist: Penelope Red- I will be adding these to the shop online soon!

4. Black Shoes: Nine West

5. Black Leather Bag: Oroton

I found these shoes in Nine West about a month ago. I wear them constantly now since they are so comfortable and easy to walk in.

The Oroton bag I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I had always wanted a nice black bag that could hold a lot, but also a very classic style. I am not a fan of those big bunchy bags that resemble bowling bags. Smart, classic and sophisticated is my style, and therefore my bag!

When I met my friend, she asked me, "Penny, do you ever wear anything that isn't Penelope Red... besides jeans?", and I could confidently reply, "No!". I guess my designs for Penelope Red really is what I would like to wear- I design it because I love it myself.

So, I may start adding a few more outfits to this space!

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