Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Penelope Red Asymetric Blue Sakhmet Blouse

On the weekend, at the Rocks Markets, I wore the new Asymmetric Blue Sakhmet Blouse, and I felt like a million dollars in it, so I thought I might share it with you. The above photos was taken of my friend, Lorelle and myself. I am wearing the Olive Green Hathor Pencil Pants with the blouse (which will be featured soon).

I am very happy with this design- it is very different to any thing I have ever created, but still is very me. The bright blue rayon twill is very soft to wear, and the vintage metallic braid in black, silver and gold accents the colour well. The above and below photos were taken backstage while the photo shoot for The Red Queen Collection took place.

The Sakhmet Blouse has been handmade while being cut on the bias- it moulds to your body shape, but it won't be tight.

The Rocks Markets held a fashion parade last weekend, to showcase each designers latest Autumn/Winter designs, and my Penelope Red designs were featured in it. The model above and below wears the Asymetric Blue Sakhmet Blouse and Black Hathor Pencil Pants.

When designing this blouse, I wanted to create a top that had only one shoulder, but I hated the idea of seeing the wearer hitch it up every 5 minutes because it would be slipping from the bust. So I developed this "idea" of a one-shoulder, using an optical illusion- because of the braid, your eye follows that line up to the sleeve, and you see the other shoulder last.

It is a Penelope Red version of a one-shoulder top, but also bra-friendly! This style will be made in Australian sizes 8 to 18, and it is available in both the Australian Dollar online shop, or the American Dollar online shop.

This style is also avaialable in a black and purple version here:

You may be wondering where the name "Sakhmet" comes from. I named it after the Egyptian Goddess Sakhmet- this name is often translated as the "Powerful One". She is depicted as a lion-headed woman, and is often known as the Goddess of War. She was also known as the "Red Lady" (fitting hey?).

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