Friday, April 29, 2011

The Pallas Athene Wool Jacket

The Penelope Red Pallas Athene Fluted Wool Jacket is yet another brand new style that I have created especially for The Red Queen Collection.

The first two photos are from The Red Queen Collection photo shoot, which we took in The Wine Odyssey Restaurant.

I decided that I wanted to have some fun with this outfit, while taking photos of others. I wanted to try the Pallas Athene Jacket, with the Yellow and Cream Anukis Skirt, and I guess you could say, "make it my own" outfit.

I think the hat gives this outfit a very "equestrian" look, which I don't mind. I am wearing the Cream Bow-tie Blouse underneath the jacket, tucked into the Anukis Skirt. I decided to add a pair of brown fishnets to the outfit, since my legs are very pale. Also, since my hat is black, I wore black pumps with it to balance out the black.

I designed this jacket to have the fluted "peplum" since I noticed when customers would try on a bolero, they didn't necessarily suit every shape. The bolero wouldn't flatter women with larger hips, or a very short body, or a wide waist.

The shape of this jacket covers the wider hips, accentuates the waist and the longer line is more flattering on most shapes.

The sleeves are three quarter, and they feature the Penelope Red trademark of the spliced contrasting fabrics.

The fabrics included in this style are a cream, brown, yellow and orange wool check; contrasted by a plain brown wool.

As you can tell, I really like to add some really interesting details, including contrasting fabrics, spliced and split panel lines, fully lined in bright orange silk lining, and a few hand stitched touches as well. You can see the making of this design on the blog here.

I have enough fabric to create around 3 copies of this exact design. I will be making more copies in other fabrics. If you would like to enquire about ordering one, please email me on :


  1. Hi Penelope, Oh my! you have been very busy while I have been away, wow the photo's of the new collection online are truly amazing, very exciting, love it love it love it, looking foward to catching up soon and seeing you wearing the jacket. love lorelle x

  2. I am really looking forward to seeing your copy of this jacket on you too! see you soon! xxx