Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Little Dream

This morning I had a strange but good dream...

I dreamt I was still in college, and I was still living in the mountains (where I lived when I was in college, with my parents) and I had a range to design and complete for the end of year. Then suddenly, I had another one to complete or I would fail my whole three years of study. I was panicking!

So I had two ranges (or collections) I needed to complete, and I needed to catch the train into the city, to find fabric and trims for all designs in each range. I went to the local train station, and I kept on missing the trains...

then I woke up. I realised, "oh thank goodness I am not in college any more!". Then I realised, "I don't HAVE TO design any ranges any more." I design my ranges because I LOVE doing it, and you know what the best feel was? Waking up just that little bit further and realising I have a whole room of fabric and trims just waiting to be used!

I guess this dream couldn't have come at a better time really. I was feeling extremely worn out, and a little disenchanted, but the relief of waking up and realising that I get to create my designs when I want to, rather than when I have to has made me so happy!

So I am back into thinking of some new ideas, and I actually woke up at 5:30am because I was so happy!

So this posting will have no pictures today... I promise the next posting will. I don't usually write something quite so personal on here, but I guess it fits.

Wishing all other designers, artists and business people out there a dream that will help to inspire them!


  1. Hey Penelope, I'm glad it was a good dream with the happy ending that you are now, living your design dream and no more college, so you get to create and design when you want and this makes you happy and all of us your lucky customers so happy too! love your latest designs and the fashion parade, hope the photo's I sent turned out, take care luv Lorelle x

  2. Hi Lorelle! Yes the photos turned out... I just need to work out how to use them in that format- but I am sure it will be easy. Thanks for the well wishes- you make doing this so much more fun!

    xx Penelope