Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Black and Purple Cairo Skirt

The Black Silk Emilie Blouse is worn with the Black and Purple Cairo Skirt in each of these photos. I really LOVE this outfit!

When creating the skirt, I decided to include two lines of embroidery that highlighted the centre front panel.

I wanted the embroidery in black to still have an eastern feel to it, so I used a more geometric design.

The Penelope Red Cairo Skirt has been handmade from a black linen and purple silk/cotton blend. The draped black body creates a feminine line, the contrasting T-bar in purple around the waist and centre front, makes an elegant impact.

This design is part of the Red Queen Collection, inspired by Gustav Klimt paintings and Ancient Egyptian Costume. The one-shoulder look of the Black Silk Emilie Blouse, and the pleating on the skirt, reminds me of something an Egyptian Queen would wear. The vintage metallic braid and black embroidery help to convey a feel of eastern design, but they also remind me of Gustav Klimt paintings as well.

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