Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Bush Wedding

So, when I posted about my Red Halter Dress, I promised I would post better photos of it- hopefully at my friend's bush wedding... so here they are!

The weather was gorgeous! We couldn't have asked for better, and the scenery was stunning! My friend's parents own a property in the beautiful Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains, Australia. It is 96acres of complete bushland, besides a small clearing near the house and garage.

A friend once said he had never seen so many trees, until he had visited Australia, and seen the Blue Mountains. What our mountains lack in size, they make up for it in untamed beauty.

The above photo is the podium/stand where they had their ceremony. The cliff in the background is typical Blue Mountains bushland- sand stone, and lots of it!

Isn't my friend beautiful in her wedding dress?! She was at least sensible and wore flat shoes- her bridesmaids not so!

The back of my dress... I was so lucky I didn't get sunburnt! Flat strappy shoes was the best option for the day- so many girls wore heels- I am not sure what they were thinking!? For once, I was the girl who went for comfort!

Angela, Me, Sarah, and Peta. I have known Sarah and Peta since we were 8 years old together!

One of the stunning views surrounding their property.

This shot was taken on the way home, while the sun was setting behind us. The sun is reflecting onto the rocks, making them appear bright orange/red. I haven't adjusted the colour on this photo at all, in fact it is a little duller compared to what it was in real life.

I am originally from the Blue Mountains; living there until I was 21. The world and city called to me, and I left and never returned, except to visit. Whenever I go back, I enjoy my time there, but I still feel the city is my home.

I would recommend to anyone visiting Australia, to visit the Blue Mountains. You can reach them within 1 hour from Sydney (2.5hours to get to the Megalong Valley), and it truly is a very different and beautiful experience compared to the city.

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  1. Nice wedding pictures and nice dresses (yours and the bride). Looks like you had fun!