Tuesday, October 6, 2009

High Tea with the Girls!

I love baking, and entertaining! What better way to combine the two, than to have some great girl-friends over for a little "High Tea"!?

We had a public holiday yesterday, but the weather was quite bad, so it was nice to stay in doors, with the heater on, and eat, chat and drink tea!

I come from the school of thought that there is no point in having it, unless you use it, so it was a good excuse to get the fine china out, and feel like ladies for the day! I love the beautiful, delicate designs that are present on the china!

I encourage everyone to have their friends over for High Tea! You don't need an excuse, just do it because you can!

I made pizza scrolls (the recipe will be in the following post), scones, and Peppermint slice bites. My friend, Ana brought some yummy Almond biscuits to share.

Next time there is a weekend forecasted for bad weather, invite the girl-friends around for some high tea and your favourite delight!

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