Wednesday, October 7, 2009

UP movie review

The hubbie and I watched Disney Pixar's new movie, "UP" on the long weekend. I am truly a big kid at heart, and I love watching cartoons- the hubbie watches them because of me.

While this is still not my favourite Disney/Pixar movie, it was still a lovely film... a little sad for Disney, but I thought the message behind it was really quite sweet.

UP had many moments of humour, and the whole cinema was laughing; but when those sad sections were evident, you could've heard a pin drop- it obviously caught everyone's attention.

We watched UP in 3D- but realistically, it wasn't necessary.

I would recommend this film to "big kids"- adults who enjoy their cartoons and silly adventures. Little kids could still watch it, but it might be a little over their heads.

Make sure you are there for the little introduction from Pixar- a tradition that they always have a little movie before every Disney/Pixar film. Very cute and sweet!

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