Thursday, April 28, 2011

Colour palette inspiration

The image below I took to show you how I sometimes get my ideas for a Penelope Red colour palette. Sometimes it happens by accident, like in the photo. I just happened to place these fabrics in the box, and I realised how beautiful they look together. I love the contrast of the bright blue and bright yellow, the softness of the pale yellow, and somehow the metallic braid and brown binding marry it all together...

I find inspiration for colour palettes in sometimes the most un-likely places; a group of bobbin reels in different colours that happen to be sitting with each other; a book case with lots of different coloured books together; a group of markers that I have out on the table; sometimes a beautiful sunset. Anything with lots of colour!

I would love to one day be designing my own prints, so I can then use these colour palettes frequently. Until then, I will need to use the fabrics and prints that are available to me- which believe me, are inspiration enough!

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  1. Hi Penny, me again, love how you took pics of your colour palette and vintage fabric can't wait to see what you come up with in the future for these lovely prints, very exciting, enjoy creating. take care and love lorelle x