Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Floral Printed Pencil Skirts

Today I bought some fabulous floral printed cotton sateen to make some pencil skirts. The pencil skirts will be high waisted, and fitted around the leg and hip. The hem on the skirt falls to just below the knee. The pencil skirt shown in the next two photos is the style that I will create- the print will be the bright pink, white, navy blue and yellow print shown in the 3rd photo.

The fabric is gorgeous! The floral print is bright and colourful, while the cotton sateen is very comfortable to wear as it has elastane (lycra) added to the weave. 

I have enough of the pink, navy, yellow and white printed fabric above to make approximately 4 or 5 printed pencil skirts. They are available in Australian sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16, and I will make them to fit and your length. The beauty about them being handmade! - you can get it custom made to fit you!

If you would like to order one of these beautiful, handmade pencil skirts, please email me at:

The green, navy, pink and mauve floral print above is available in a size 10 pencil skirt. This is a one of three pencil skirts... I only ever make a very limited edition of all of my designs.

The above photo shows me, wearing another Penelope Red pencil skirt, again from a cotton elastane,  in an ornage, yellow, white and blue abstract floral print.

I love wearing my printed pencil skirts- and they are perfect for travelling too! The below photo is my husband and I in St.Petersburg, Russia a few years ago. The elastane means that the skirt will hardly crease. The cotton means that the skirt will be very comfortable and easy to look after and wear.

For any enquiries, please email me at:

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