Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You can view this blog in more ways than one!

The Penelope Red blog, The World of Ms. Penelope Red, is now available to view in 5 different ways! They are calling it Dynamic Views.

So, the five views are:

1. Flipcard view: http://penelopered.blogspot.com/view/flipcard

2. Mosaic view: http://penelopered.blogspot.com/view/mosaic

3. Sidebar view: http://penelopered.blogspot.com/view/sidebar

4. Snapshot view: http://penelopered.blogspot.com/view/snapshot

5. Timeslide view: http://penelopered.blogspot.com/view/timeslide

My personal favourite or what I think makes easiest reading is the sidebar option, but the great news is that there are so many choices!

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