Monday, October 26, 2009

Absynthe Restaurant Review and Dream World!

Last week, my hubbie and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary in the Gold Coast, Queensland. (You can see pictures of my Wedding Dress here).

We are such big kids at heart! We love to giggle at anything silly (well, I do, Max just encourages me!), and we love our theme parks and rides! So we spent our anniversary screaming and laughing our heads off on all the rides at "Dreamworld", Queensland, Australia.

They also have a section named, "Tiger Island". They have about 5 tigers; 3 of which perform in a show, to help raise money to save them in the wild. Above, they are feeding them milk- how cute!

We went on so many rides, including this one, "The Claw". It acts like a pendulum, gaining momentum with each swing, to go higher and higher. As the pendulum is swinging, the circle (where everyone is sitting) is spinning. It freaked me out!

My favourite rides in the whole park, were the new water rides and slides. I guess with the roller-coasters and other mechanical rides, it is a complete adrenalin rush, and you kind of have to psyche yourself up to go on them. With the water rides, I found them easier to have fun- I giggled the entire time, and just had fun- without being scared at all.

If you have children, there are many kids rides, and there is a "Wiggles World" section which they will love.

Either way, we had loads of fun!

Afterwards, we dined at a beautiful restaurant in Surfers Paradise, "Absynthe".

The atmosphere inside is very intimate and romantic; the service was attentive, but not invasive; the food was beautifully flavoured. You could say that this restaurant adds French influence to a modern Australian menu.

I had an entrée of pumpkin ravioli- very nice with lots of flavours, although for a $30 price tag, I thought it was very small.

For the main, I had steak with an onion jam- it was fantastic! The hubbie had lamb.

I really enjoyed Absynthe. If you are looking for a romantic setting to celebrate something special; if you want fantastic food; if you want good service; then I would recommend Absynthe to you.

Next time I go, I think I will skip the entree, and order a main and dessert- the chocolate fondant sounds divine!

We have had a very busy week, and I will soon be able to post photos from my friend's wedding, which I had the pleasure of going to this past weekend. There is so much to catch up on!

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