Thursday, July 16, 2009

El Bulli Spanish Tapas Restaurant

A friend and I visited EL Bulli, a Spanish Tapas restaurant a few night ago. It was fantastic!

The food was fabulous, the atmosphere (even for a Monday night) was lively, and the staff were helpful- all what you want in a restaurant.

While I still love the Spanish Fly, (which is another Tapas restaurant just across the road from El Bulli,) I would go back to El Bulli in a heart beat. Try the Lamb Back Straps, and the Croquets- YUM!

I guess, if you are after a quiet dinner, neither of these restaurants will provide this, but I could imagine this place to be perfect for a party.
If you head over to The Spanish Fly, make sure you get the spinach and cheese Empanadas- they are to die for, and I would go to this restaurant just for these!!!!

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