Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How-To Frame Your Photos Uniquely

Ever wanted to frame a beautiful photo, but you can't find the perfect frame? Or have you found the perfect frame, but it has made the project un-affordable?

Well, if you are a creative, like myself, then maybe I have a solution......

First, you will need a standard frame with a mount. Ikea has a great selection. I particularly like the Ribba series.

Next, you will need your photos. Decide on sizes.

Then you need to decide on paper choices. This will depend largely on what other colours are in the room (you are planning to hang the frame in), as well as what colours are in the photos. A great paper shop in Sydney, is Pepe's Paperie.

I have created 2 kinds of Framed "artworks", with details shown below....

The steps for the "passport" option:
1.Collect all materials that you will use to display the artwork. I have recently applied for a new passport, so I am going to use my old hard-earned stamps for this project!

2.Using the mount, draw the dimensions of the window size for the artwork, onto a piece of paper.

3.Arrange the passport pages around the hand-drawn window, so it will be virtually covered.

4.Arrange your photos, then place the mount on top, to make sure you haven't gone over the edges.

5.I had a few empty spaces, so I placed a lovely printed paper behind the passport pages. Start to glue these onto the large piece of paper.

6.Glue the passport pages, then the photos, taking care to make sure they do not overlap each other, or the mount.

7.I decided that the mount looked best, with a highlight of black. The best way to do this is get a wide pen, and very carefully mark along the diagonal edge. (see photo)

8.Once this is done, you can assemble the frame as you normally would.

9.Hang your artwork in a place where you are proud to show it!

I will provide instructions for the wedding artwork in another blog post!

I hope this has helped to get your creative mind thinking!

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