Friday, July 17, 2009

The Penelope Red Kaleidoscope Mini Skirt

The picture above, of me, was taken with the help of my hubbie- so it isn't poffessional, but atleast you can see it properly on a body.

Today I finished a new design- The Penelope Red Kaleidoscope Mini Skirt. I am loving the colour/fabric combination! While I understand that the combination is not for everyone's taste, sometimes it isn't about pleasing the masses... I like to keep it fresh and sometimes create items just for the love of doing it! This is what keeps me coming back!

I wanted to create a mini skirt that wasn't too mini. I wanted a length that was still classic and sophisticated, so this skirt is short- but not sky high.

I decided to place a curved panel down each side, as this creates an optical illusion, as well as it is my signature look- I love my panels! The curved panel means that the darker fabric (the plain Emerald Green Silk) is detracting from the thighs. The peach satin binding is creating a longer line, and draws your eye up and down the length.

When I make straight skirts or fitted skirts, I like to try and curve them around the hips and butt- we want to show off the curves! Not hide them in excess fabric!

This skirt was made from two beautiful 100% Silk fabrics. Together, they have such a luxurious feel, and the satin binding just lifts it even further!

I also managed to match the check where possible.

Of course, it is fully lined as well, with an invisible zip.

I only have enough fabric for two of these skirts- so this skirt is 1 out of 2. I hope whoever decides to buy it, loves it! This will be available in the Penelope Red Etsy store, in September 09.

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