Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just for fun: My outfit on Friday 29th April

I always find it difficult to dress very casually, while not looking horrible at the same time! I like to walk everywhere, and therefore, heels are not always the best option, but sometimes sneakers do not do a lot for an outfit.

So, last Friday, I came up with this outfit. It still has a little "Penelope Red excitement" to it, but not over the top, and I still wore my sneakers (or slip on type of sneaker things-not sure what you call them.

1. Penelope Red Venus Floral Bolero

2. A peach version with black lace version of the Black Chiffon Bow Tie Top. This is a one-of-a-kind design I created for myself!

3. Jeans by 18th Amendment. These jeans always receive compliments from people. I would recommend this brand!


  1. Hi Penny, I love to open your web page and to find goregous pictures of you wearing "Just for fun outfits", it is all inspiring and lets us all know we can be creative with some of the other things in our wardrobes and to jaz them up with beautiful Penelope Red designs, I love dressing up too so you go girl, it looks fab! cheers and love lorelle x

  2. I guess I like to show everyone just how versatile my designs can be when you add a little imagination to it! Thanks for all the encouragement you give, Lorelle!