Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Penelope Red Swing Tags!

I have decided that it would be nice to add a swing tag to my designs. I wanted to let my customers know, as soon as they see my designs, that they are limited edition designs, and they have been made by hand with quality. So I hope these Penelope Red swing tags help to portray this!

I decided to attach them to the Penelope Red woven label in the back of my designs because I don't want the safety pin damaging the garment.

From now on, each garment will be numbered, to tell you how many garments will be the same as the one my customers have just purchased. For example, the Pallas Athene Jacket pictured in these photos, will have a swing tag stating:

"This is an original Penelope Red design. It is one of three that will be made worldwide."

I only have enough fabric in the check to make three of these jackets.


  1. hi Penny,I think it is a great idea, it shows it is a designer piece, i like it. Another thought maybe you could add the care instructions, so you don't need the printed pages. Hope you have a good day and looking forward to seeing you thursday at 11am. cheers and love lorelle x

  2. Hi Lorelle,

    yes, I will be adding the care instructions too. It will be easier in the long run! See you thursday!