Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just for fun: My outfit on Saturday 30th April

Last weekend, I attended a baby shower for one of my wonderful friends! The weather was finally not too miserable, and I was inspired to wear a dress, and brighten up the day!

So I wore my Black Rose Jade Dress, in a jersey knit fabric. This dress is super comfy, the bright jade green colour (almost aqua in some lights) is such a glamorous impacting colour, while also being a bit fun!

I decided to wear it with my black and white polka dotted peep toe shoes, instead of black boots- it would've been too heavy for the day.

Then I was inspired to wear something around my waist that helped to tie the shoes in- this scarf turned into a belt for me! It is a scarf I made, and includes colours of black, white, silver and peach. It si the first time I have worn it, and it is funny it was used in such a different way, but I really like this outfit, and will be wearing it again!

(The scarf looks great when you walk too- it glides in the air like a sash- a little bit glamorous, with a quirky edge)

My friend, whom the baby shower was for, and me. Aren't the decorations cute? They are by the mum to be and her mother - in- law.

Congratulations to Ana and Andoni!

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