Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Penelope Red Women: Happy Customers!

It always puts a smile on my face when I receive feedback from my customers, who tell me they love it, or they can't wait to wear it, etc. Its even better when they take the time to send me a little picture or two of them wearing the item- it really makes my day!

So the lovely Penelope Red Women out there who have been gracious enough to send me a little thank you, or who have sent me a little photo or two, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU!- You inspire me to create more and more!

Below, I have included a few photos and some comments from some of my lovely customers. Each of the customers included have given me permission to include their photo or comments on this blog.

"Thank you for my divine dress - it made me feel so special and lovely. It fits me perfectly and I look forward to many happy nights out in it!", from Lucy in Sydney- The Penelope Red Jade Bow Tie Dress.

"I’ll be wearing my new Paris Bow Top at the first opportunity - I love it!", Pamela in Sydney- The Paris Bow Top

Above, Olia from Moscow wears the St.Petersburg Blue Skies Skirt and Top.

"Fits well - so all good! Thanks for doing the alteration and posting so quickly. Will look forward to wowing Canberra!... (and later on)...it was fantastic to wear; with slim black pants and coral coloured sandals, the whole outfit worked perfectly for an occasion that went from outside afternoon drinks through to more formal evening dining and, even better, the wrap style and soft, drapey fabric made it really comfortable as well" Catherine in Sydney- the Coral Kimono

"I got the corset and wore it to my New Year's party. Thanks again. Everyone loved it!", from Lauren Amanda in New York- The Penelope Red Black and White Tuxedo Corset.

"I received my blouse this morning and it’s a gorgeous fit and several people have said it is stunning... (and later on)... By the way, about 5 people have said they love the blouse and I've only worn it twice, once in QLD and today for a farewell" from Gay.M. in Sydney- The Penelope Red Monet Pleated Blouse

Above, another great photo from Lucy.

"Thank you so much for the custom order. The blouse is very pretty and I can't wait for the compliments....Thank you so much, I appreciate the excellent service." Lucretia from the United States- The Autumn Flowers Blouse.

Above, Kiran wears the Penelope Red Tailored Winter Dress. Read more about this here.

The moral to the story: Happy Customers equals Happy Me!

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