Friday, March 26, 2010

Artist: Lee D Severn

One of my oldest and dearest friends is married to a very talented artist, Lee D Severn. His work focuses on portrait studies of his favourite Rock/Music performers and artists, such as The Rolling Stones, U2, The Police, Stevie Wonder, Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos, and the list goes on.

I wanted to show you some of his brilliant work, and I hope that you will take a look at his website, as each portrait comes with an amazing story of how Lee has met each of the performers!...

1. Do you create portraits of people who are not famous?

I do commissions of anyone, working mostly from photographs. Something I am trying to get going is to paint people with their hero's; it's not everyday you get to meet your idol. So I have been playing with this idea, ever since I painted my Dad with his hero Mick Jagger, and I told him it would be the closest he would get to meeting the real thing. A bit of a joke between me and him, since I did meet Mick Jagger, in the end!

2. From your work, what are some of your favourite artworks?

As is often the case with many artists, I am my own worst critic. After studying a photograph for so long of what I am attempting to paint, I get used to seeing a perfect image; when I look at my paintings, all I see are the errors and I'm often not happy with the end result.

If I am forced to choose or show someone an example of my work, I usually pull out my Neil Young portrait, and more recently, I'll show my "King For a Day" painting- I really like the idea behind it.

3. What have you been working on recently?

Recently, I have just completed images of Jack White from the White Stripes and Jools Holland, the U.K's answer to Molly Meldrum- but with a lot more credibility, music taste and musical talent. I am hoping to have them both signed shortly.

4. Any plans for the future, with your work?

I'm currently in the process of trying to get involved with the Sydney Fringe Festival in September. If I am successful, it could be huge for my art career, as it will give me a great chance to finally exhibit most of my work and get my name out there. I am also working on the largest painting I have done yet which is exciting! I am choosing to keep the idea to myself for a while though.

The above painting is one of my favourites, and it is a personal painting Lee created using his wife and baby son as his muse.

Take a look at Lee's website:

and you can join Lee's facebook page here.

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