Friday, March 12, 2010

Etsy Hand Crochet

There is nothing quite like a beautiful hand crocheted or knitted garment or scarf! If you take good care of them they will last forever, and each one is always unique to the rest... just imagine: every single loop and knot was created by hand- no machine's involved at all!

I thought I would show you a few of my favourites from etsy.

Crochet Fuchsia scarf, Tropical flower inspired
by VitalTemptation.

Gray Mohair Cardigan, Limited Edition by sweetknitting

Red Salsa Shrug by trendyknitting.

My Mum can knit and crochet, and I have featured some of her work in this blog posting here. Knitting and crochet is the one creative avenue I have not been able to master or pick up. I do intend to give it another try, but I guess my sewing and other activities always take me in another direction. I guess this is why I admire hand crocheted and hand knitted garments so much, as it is something I can't do!

I have been lucky recently to find some vintage hand crocheted lace and trims, which I have started to place on some garments in my new range: The Venus, Penelope and Jane Collection.

One of the designs which has the crocheted lace: The Regency Gathered Neck Blouse.

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