Friday, February 26, 2010

The Blind Side: My movie review

A friend and I watched Sandra Bullock's new movie last night, "The Blind Side". I hadn't read any reviews or watched any previews; all I knew about it was that Sandra Bullock was in it, and she had an Oscar nomination for it. I thought I had to see it to believe it.

I always like Sandra Bullock movies- they are usually Romantic Comedies, filled with fluff, and very easy to watch- however, she is usually playing the same or very similar character in every movie.

So for those, like me, who do watch her movies, you will be surprised- pleasantly surprised when you watch The Blind Side. For once her character surprises you, and it is completely different to whatever she has done before.

Sandra plays a good willing Christian mother (Mrs Leigh Anne Tuohy) with a family, in a virtually all white society in the Southern States (yes, the accent is there too). Mike Oher is "Big Mike", the homeless boy the Tuohy's take into their home one night, when they feel sorry for him.

Like so many other football/rugby movies (think "Remember the Titans" or the latest one, "Invictus"), this deals with racism and prejudice, but I guess you could say at a more personal level, or perhaps on a level that someone like me could relate to, as the story is based loosely around Mrs Tuohy's point of view.

The Blind Side is a great movie, and one that you could easily send your parents to go and see it, as well as send your husband or boyfriend to see it. I think they have done a good job on creating a movie that is for everyone- easy to watch, has a little bit of humour, has some great acting, and has a moral to the story at the heart of it all. I walked out of the cinema loving it!

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