Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Martini Bright Stripe Blouse

The Martini Bright Stripe Blouse is the latest design to be added to the Penelope Red etsy shop, and is part of "The Red Hour" Collection.

I LOVE this print! My textile agent laughed when I became so excited by this print... and it is one of the many exciting prints I have for this season. It has virtually every colour of the rainbow included in it, along with a bold black line, and the printed design is basically random stripes going down the body.

The below photo shows the Martini Bright Stripe Blouse worn with the Cosmopolitan Red Bow Tie Pants. The blouse has been handmade by myself from a 100% polyester chiffon, and a little vintage rik-rak braid has been applied around the gathered neckline.

This blouse style is the same as my Black and White Nouveau Blouse,

the Liechtenstein Blouse,

the Oriental Fans Blouse,

and others.

Since the style is so simple, it can be worn in many different ways, yet the bold colours and prints make it a very "Penelope Red" design- something unique and different! Take a look at this older posting to see the many different ways in which you can wear this style.

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