Friday, September 17, 2010

Inspirations for "The Red Hour" Summer Collection

As stated before in the "creating the Red Hour Collection" posting, I was inspired by what I would like to wear to a cocktail bar or party.

Then I liked the idea of changing "The Cocktail hour" to "The Red Hour". My ideas just seemed to flow after that. Now all my designs are named after classic cocktails! When researching cocktail names, I found this old poster, conveniently named, The Cocktail Hour!

The below shot is another shot that helped to inspire the team involved in the photo shoot. I like the idea of the model lounging around on the lounge chair, but I also wanted a few less "posey" shots, and have some fun with it. So we did both.

All of the Penelope Red handmade creations are available to purchase at The Rocks Markets, and they will be listed in the Penelope Red online shop soon.

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