Thursday, February 4, 2010

Artists on Etsy: Jazz Age

During last weekend, I visited my parents. While I was there, I asked Dad to play his old jazz records- I love listening to old jazz, and Dad loves playing them! We listened to Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller- possibly my favourites. And we are not talking about c.ds- we played the original records that were released in that era!

So, when I was thinking of introducing you to some designers/artists on etsy, I thought of my Dad, and our love for jazz. I love colour- vibrant and bold colours- so these artworks were perfect!

The above image: What a Little Moonlight Can Do Billie Holiday Original Jazz Oil Painting by Jennifer Brouse at houseofbrouse.

Billie Holiday is my Dad's favourite female jazz singer- a very distinct voice, which you can recognise straight away.

The next image (below), Satchmo, a painting in acrylic by David Rickert.

Louis Armstrong is my Dad's favourite musician, with another very distinctive style and voice.

The image below: The Jazz Player by LindaCArtist. An acrylic abstract painting.

The above image: Nina Simone (on wax, take 1) (original painting) by juliacocuzza
Acrylic on 12" vinyl record, unframed.

Nina Simone is perhaps one of my favourite Jazz singers. I love her deep voice, and the way she pronounces every phrase perfectly when she sings.

So the above image is quite different from the rest, but I think it still suits the theme well!
3x Chrysler Building New York City NYC - Framed Pop Art by John Bao at

I hope you like the artworks chosen, and please take a look at each artist's shop to learn more about each of them.

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  1. glad you like my art! thanks for adding me to your page! Jennifer:)