Monday, February 15, 2010

Photographer Milena Dekic from “I Love Wednesdays”: An Interview

Last week, I sent a newsletter to my mailing list, and it included the following interview ( I have also placed more of her photos in this blog post)...To join the mailing list of Penelope Red, email me:, and just let me know you would like to subscribe.

Please note, all of the photos taken in this posting were taken by Milena from I Love Wednesdays.

One of the great things about working in this industry, is the chance to work with brilliant and talented people. Milena Dekic from “I Love Wednesdays” is one of the inspiring and very talented people whom I have had the pleasure of working with recently. She was the photographer who created the beautiful images below:

I thought you would all enjoy to read a little about Milena’s work....

1. What inspires you?

I think the only way I can really answer that question without answering "everything!" is to tell you that I love stories. Stories have a way of weaving themselves into your being. Everyone has a story; whether it is good, bad, funny, indifferent, filled with silliness; everyone has a story. My job as a photographer is to capture that story, and I am grateful for it every day. Sometimes I get to create my own story and other times I get to be a part of other people's; to document intimate moments that are only really shared with closest family and friends. To be let into other people's lives and their stories and see them unfold, really, how could you not be inspired?

2. How did you start in this profession?

I didn't really think that being a creative as something that I could do as a job, it was always something that I just loved to do. I've drawn from the time I could hold a pencil and taken photos from the time my parents would let me play with the camera. Deciding that this was something I wanted to pursue as a career was really surreal. I didn't do art at school, but I applied for a scholarship to design college anyway and I honestly don't know what they saw in the exam that I sat, but I got accepted. I will never forget one of my favourite teacher's reactions when I told her, "well, that makes sense, the back of your essays are always covered in drawings," considering she had me for history, it's rather telling.

My professional start was as a Junior Designer for a photography and design studio. I didn't really know what I was getting myself in to and I really couldn't believe that someone was going to pay me to be creative. I ended up being the Senior Designer and Retoucher and was involved with every photo shoot that the studio did. I think back on it and how absolutely crazy it was to go from uni and not knowing anything to running projects from beginning to end and liaising with clients.

3. What projects are you working on?

At the moment, I'm working on a photo shoot for a new clothing label, a collaborative photo shoot with a fantastic make-up artist, design projects for a couple of IT companies, a few wedding album designs, scouting locations for upcoming engagement & wedding location photos and a few personal projects I've got in the works. It sounds rather crazier than it actually is.

4. What are your aims and ideas for the future?

Continue doing what I'm doing and what I love. I'm moving more and more to doing weddings, which I am so grateful for, because it encompasses everything that I'm passionate about; photography, design and stories. I think I'm really lucky that I get to share the celebration of two people in love, and it is awesome to get to be a part of all of it.

If you are planning a wedding, or know of someone who is, and you are in Sydney, then Milena could help to capture your wonderful day! You can contact Milena at I Love Wednesdays on the following:

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