Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Penelope Red Tailored Winter Dress: Custom Order

The Penelope Red Winter Tailored Dress would have to be one of my favourite designs, and one that I am very proud of! A lovely customer of mine, Kiran, asked me to make this style for her, when she had seen my other versions on my website. Doesn't Kiran look beautiful in this design!?

We both decided on the colour and fabrications together. The bright blue silk looks fantastic against Kiran's skin! I loved the idea of using the beautiful silk brocade for the main body. The 3rd fabric is a wool pinstripe.

The sleeves add that extra bit of panache! They are something different; something you wouldn't expect, and they really make the outfit.

Making this style gives me a chance to show my flair and love of colours and contrasting textures. I love creating beautiful shapes and panelling to show off the figure, while showing off the fabric. It makes this dress stand apart from the rest!

The square neckline really suits Kiran. This neckline was inspired by watching old movies, in particular "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

Since the sleeve has panelling, I continued the curved lines around the neckline and back. It also gave me a chance to frame Kiran's beautiful face with the bright blue silk.

I made the pattern to fit Kiran completely, so we had a few fittings to get it just right. If you would like to enquire regarding a custom made Penelope Red Tailored Winter Dress, please email me: designer@penelopered.com.au

I am so pleased with this dress, I want to make one for myself!- however, I am currently planning to create a black and cream version in the next few weeks, and since I already own the two pictured below, can I justify a 4th?....maybe!

Above is the first ever Penelope Red Winter Tailored Dress. I actually designed and made this about 2.5 years ago. I still love it, and I still wear it constantly!

It still amazes me how complete strangers will react every time I wear either of these dresses. I will always be asked the same question, "Where did you get that from?!"
Kiran, you have been warned!

The Penelope Red Spring Tailored Dress. This is another version of the same style pictured above, just different fabrications, and no collar. (The custom made blue dress is a slightly different style)

I love this design because it is creative, alluring and unexpected, while still being extremely feminine, sophisticated, but also sexy. What every dress should be!

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