Friday, August 28, 2009

The Penelope Red Silk Road Winter Dress

I wanted to show you one of my very latest designs! This is the Penelope Red Silk Road Winter Dress. I have shown you the same Winter Tailored Dress style, in other fabrics, before, but it still amazes me how different each of these dresses can look by simply changing the fabric.

Please note these photos were taken with a very simple camera, and the photos are not the best, but I couldn't wait for the photo shoot to show you the design! It will look amazing in the photo shoot, once we have a proper model and a fantastic photographer.

Each of the fabric's featured here are recycled fabrics. The black and white check is a wool blend, the aqua is wool, and the red is made from a synthetic fibre.

I love creating contrast, and the colours really pop out! I used these colours together as they accentuate the shapes of the panelling, and I also think it is something unique.

The dress has been fully lined with red polyester lining (which was recycled too). I love using recycled fabrics, or vintage fabrics, as it means that no one else will have it!

This is a one-off design, and there will be others I can make in other fabrics, but they will never be exactly the same. It will be on sale in the Penelope Red Etsy store in late September/Early October 2009.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the latest Penelope Red photo shoot here.

If you would like to order this style, or want one custom made (and we can discuss other fabrics and colours), then please email me at:

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