Monday, August 17, 2009

The Adriano Zumbo Cafe

Just like any other girl, I love my sweets! A few of my friends are just like me, and we especially make up occasions, just so we can go and try a different place each time. My friends had recommended Adriano Zumbo. I had never heard of it, but was certainly not dissappointed!

Pictured above, a dessert, named "The Younger Years". I ate this one. All I can say is divine! And the icecream actually does taste like peanut butter.

Another dessert, which my friends had, "its not a hamburger.... it's a macaroon"

We also had a savoury first. My friends each had the corn cakes, and I had the quiche. Very nice for both- but lets face it, we didn't go there for the savouries!

We ate at the cafe chocolat, and they also have a patisserie a few doors up, selling a few more interesting specialities. I couldn't help myself, and I brought some more home with me... A passionfruit tart, and a chocolate/caramel tart.

Just take a look at the Adriano Zumbo website, and your mouth will start to water! Simply stunning, flavourful, inventive concoctions, that left me wanting more (even though I was stuffed to the brim)!

My friends and I after our sugar-rush! The weather was so gorgeous... Sydney yesterday- not bad for winter!

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