Monday, August 24, 2009

The Fifties Fair: Rose Seidler House, 2009

My husband and I visited the 14th Annual Fifties Fair, at Rose Seidler House, yesterday. Such amazing fashion! I love the styling of vintage fashions- as evident in my Penelope Red designs. They represent beauty, quality, and a uniqueness that you generally don't get in today's market (except for Penelope Red, of course!).

I wore my Penelope Red Navy Organza Squiggle Skirt and the Stripe Bow Top, to represent 50's fashion. My hat is from Myer, my shoes were bought when I visited San Francisco about 5 years ago.

Pictured above is Rose Seidler House.

This is the kitchen inside the house. it is amazing to think that this house was built and designed so many years ago, but it still remains a modern tribute to Harry Seidler's wife.

So many girls were dressed up immaculately... heels, headwear, full petticoats, gloves, etc, even though the terrain was not exactly complimentary. I loved so many outfits that the girls wore, and it was very inspiring.

It was also nice to know that there are so many people out there who love getting dressed up for the hell of it, rather than because they have to! Pictured above, are some of the girls who entered the best dressed competition.

One of the finalists pictured above, and below.

Below is the 2nd prize winner.....

And the winner is!...

I also entered the competition. The video is here....

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