Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday is Accessory Day! Bright, Bold and Beautiful Shoes!

I wanted to start a little ritual for each Wednesday. It's mid week, and every one is counting down the days to the weekend, again, and I thought a little inspiration could brighten up your Wednesday!

So welcome to....

Today I wanted to talk about Bright, Bold and Beautiful Shoes!

Like any other girl, shoes play a part in my happiness, and I love finding new and exciting shoes. I especially love buying shoes that are over-the-top, colourful, and full of personality. Since I have my own shop on Etsy, I am constantly finding new favourites on this fantastic website.

One of my favourite Etsy shops is Cocopunkz.

I think the shoes and photos speak for themselves! Just gorgeous! And so unique!

Kamikaze - Hand Painted Shoes Sz. 7.5

SALE - Mystery Shoes 2 - Time's Awastin' - Hand Painted Shoes Sz. 6.5

They hand paint each and every shoe themselves, none of the designs are duplicated. Its amazing to think about the work involved- and also how difficult it would be to paint on such a contoured surface!

SALE - Mystery Hand Painted Shoes 4 - Tribute to Ms. Lai Sz. 7

They are so detailed- I love them all! They will also create a custom design/style for you.

Ink Flared - Hand Painted Shoes Sz. 6.5

So check them out: Cocopunkz

Another all time favourite shoe label of mine, is Irregular Choice.

While they are more commercial, they still have a very distinct, individual style- something that you don't find everyday.

Some of my favourites, taken from their shop online are:

Secret Sailor

Butterscotch Toast

Sugar Dust Baby

So I hope you like my bright, bold, and beautiful selection of shoes! They are fun, exciting and full of personality!

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