Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday is Accessory Day! Gorgeous Hats!

I absolutely love hats! They finish off every outfit with that added panache, and they always make a statement. A hat adds glamour with ease!

Pictured above is the Two Tone Cloche Hat, by yellowfield7.

It is such a pity that most people are too afraid to wear them... I guess they do draw quite a bit of attention, but that is only because it is a rarity to see one (well, in Sydney it is).

I guess this is precisely why I love wearing them... because I love going against the grain! I love surprising people with a great hat, and I like to be different from everyone else, and they instantly make me feel glamorous and happy straight away!

I have been eyeing off a few hats on Etsy, and the hats featured are some of my favourites....

The Ornately draped olive/brown cloche hat by yellowfield7.

If you are not a regular hat wearer, just remember to wear your hat with confidence! Stand up straight, and wear a fantastic colour of lipstick, and you are ready!

If you are a regular hat wearer, then fantastic! Let's work together to encourage more people to wear them, by wearing our own!

A great movie to watch, to get you inspired, is Easy Virtue. It stars Jessica Biel and Colin Firth, and the costumes that Jessica wears are just fantastic! Check out the white and black cloche hat. Divine!

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