Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday is Accessory Day! Opulent Necklaces

I would like to show you today, some of my favourite necklaces, which I have found on Etsy.

The Nola Bib Necklace (above) by missrubysue, is simply exquisite! I could imagine Elizabeth Bennett wearing this as she marries Mr Darcy; and it could look just as beautiful with a corset, a great skirt and some hot heels! Bring some of the old fashioned glamour to the present!

The Lemony Skies Long Sterling Necklace , by nansglam, has a more modern feel to it. I love the mix of the yellow, silver and turquoise colours, and the different textures and thicknesses brings a sort of dainty and delicate nature to it.

The Handmade Vintage Pearl Beaded Necklace with Pink Suede Flowers by greeneyedgirlshop, has an almost regal air to it... I imagine this necklace would work well with a hot corset dress, being worn to the next awards party.

Each necklace has its own statement to say- which is one of the reasons why I like them so much. They all have a personality of their own!

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