Monday, September 7, 2009

Penelope Red Handmade Scarves

A scarf can truly make any outfit become something more, instantly. A scarf can take a simple top and jeans, and make it a sophisticated, elegant outfit.

Pictured above is the Penelope Red Deco Scarf.

I love making my Penelope Red scarves too. It is a chance for me to play around with colours, fabrics and textures, and create unexpected little treasures! Whenever I cut out a garment from an exquisite fabric, I keep a lot of the small pieces, so when I am next inspired to create my scarves, I have a treasure trove of pieces to use.

Each Penelope Red scarf is completely different to the next, and selecting the fabrics is the most time consuming part, but also the most fun! It is amazing how each scarf can look so different to the next, and it becomes really hard to detach myself from them, and sell them, because I end up in loving too many of them, much too often!

I have been really lucky to see my scarves being sent to quite a few countries, including Canada, America, Russia and Austria. It is exciting to know that a little piece of my creativity is on the other side of the world!

Below, I have posted a few previous designs of my scarves. The fabrics in each of these scarves varies from scarf to scarf. This is just a small selection of the many scarves I have made, and there will be more new designs coming soon to my Etsy store.

The fabrics used in the Penelope Red scarves include: silk satin, silk chiffon, silk/rayon burnout chiffon, thai silk, wool crepe, wool jacquard, wool/alpaca bouclé, french lace, nylon lace, sequinned lace, wool lace, cotton prints, beaded chiffon, polyester, linen, and the list goes on!

More scarf designs will be added to the Penelope Red etsy store soon.

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