Sunday, December 5, 2010

My stay in the Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast, QLD

My husband went to a conference that was held in the Palazzo Versace Hotel, in the Gold Coast, a few days ago, so I tagged along to see exactly what the Versace Hotel was all about!

A few photos before we messed up the room...

The parquetry floor was beautiful, all the furniture had touches of Versace character, they even had glassware that had the Versace head embedded in the bottom of the glass to create a 3D relief on the bottom. The bed spread, towels, soap, etc had Versace emblems on it, but I was most impressed about was the pool-sized bath! It was huge... well, compared to our tiny spa bath we have at home, this spa was massive!

Of course, being surrounded by such a beautiful place meant I wasn't going to walk around in sneakers and track suit pants!

I am wearing the Pink Pencil Skirt, the Alexander Zebra Blouse, and the Venus Floral Bolero! A big mix of prints and colours, but everyoe who knows me knows I love my prints, colour and over the top styling! (which is why I loved this hotel)

The foyer chandelier! The foyer has a lovely area for cocktails and high tea. I could imagine it would be a great place for a girls day out high tea!

The beautiful mosaic floor that sits under the chandelier.

When ever you go to any other hotel, they leave an ordinairy, plain-looking teas set in the cupboard for you, right? Not here! Above is the tea set they leave for you in the Versace.

A little buffet breakfast... for me it is such a nice change to the boring white plates that every other hotel/restaurant/cafe etc serves food on. If I had a cafe/restaurant, I would go op-shopping and buy up big on all the vintage crockery!

It was so hot and humid, that a swim in the pool was necessary!

One of my latest designs, the Vesper Kimono... perfect for lounging around at the pool!

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