Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011 Everyone!

Today I wanted to just write a little quick note to wish everyone who reads this blog a very Happy New Year. I hope you achieve many of the things you would like to do this year, and perhaps even a few of the things you didn't think were possible! Let's also try not to forget a little down-time is always needed... I know there are too many of us out there, myself included!

I have added a few personal photos of me and my family, friends and home town, Sydney- some of my favourites that I have taken in the past year...

My nephews, niece, sister and I had a little picnic in Centennial Park, and they were dying to have a go on these car-bikes. Little did we know when we agreed to it that they were really hard work pushing it around!

The kids again at Neilson Park on Christmas Day 2010 (just over a week ago already!).

My brother and I at the Carols in the Domain, in Sydney. The 1st photo in this posting is from the same event.

A few sunsets from one of my local parks, Queens Park- you can see the city skyline in the background.

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