Monday, January 10, 2011

Creating the new Autumn Collection Part 1

One of the latest designs for the Autumn 2011 Collection has finally been started! This collection has been inspired by Gustav Klimt paintings and Egyptian costume, and when designing this I took the gold and black contrasting idea from the 'Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer1", along with the extravagant use of shapes and metallic paints.

The shape of this style is virtually the same as the Deco Sequinned Blouse. I wanted to use a very simple shape, since the gold sequinned lace is really the "show-stopper" in this design!

The photos in this post are just a few photos that I have taken as I have been creating it. In the above and below photo I am pinning the gold sequinned lace in place over the black satin. This is quite a time-consuming step, as you need to make sure you don't cut into the motif too much, and also make sure it sits nicely around the silhouette.

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