Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Adele Multi-Coloured Halter Top

Yesterday I added the latest design to the Penelope Red Australian Dollar Online Shop (bigcartel), the Adele Multi-coloured Halter Top.

This halter top has been handmade from a beautiful bright and soft cotton fabric in deep jewel colours of plum, cream, grey, blue, green, lime, aqua, red, brown. It is a 100% polished cotton.

This is part of the latest Penelope Red Autumn 2011 Collection.

I think it is important to have as many photos as possible when selling online, as people can't see a 3-d item in front of them, so they need the photos to create an image in their head... so here they are!

All of my halter tops, including this one, are fully lined. You can wear this with or without a strapless bra. In the photos shown, a strapless bra is being worn.

The Adele Halter Top has been handmade by myself, Penelope, in Sydney, and I will be making a small quantity of this design- around 15 copies. I love giving a uniqueness to my designs, and ensuring that my customers have something special to every one else!

If you would like to buy this top, please look at the Penelope Red Australian Dollar Shop Online here:

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