Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Penelope Red Stripe Bow Knit Top

I am always watching old movies, and I admire the costumes, and this design is another example of my vintage inspiration and my modern take on it.

I was actually inspired by the above costume worn by The Baroness, from "The Sound of Music". I only watched the movie about 6 years ago, for the first time (strange, hey?), and loved it of course, but I instantly fell in love with the costumes, in particular, the orange suit and bow top outfit shown in this photo.

Obviously, I have changed the style quite a bit, and I don't have polka dots on the fabric (although, I at first tried to get them), but I think the right idea is to not copy, but be inspired! I don't like to make my designs so vintage, that they look like costume.

So I am introducing my take on this look... The Penelope Red Stripe Bow Knit Top.

When searching for a photo of the Baroness, I stumbled across a blog named BLEND, which described the Baroness's fashion perfectly.

Crystal, the lady behind Blend, seems to have a great sense of style- a love of vintage style, but with a modern edge. Take a look at Blend here.

So, I have quite a few photos of this design, so here are some more...

It is made from a red and white stripe jersey knit fabric, made from a cotton elastane. I placed the stripes on the bias around the body, as it creates a more elegant shape and waist line.

The oversized bow is the main element I took from the Sound of Music original, and I think it works really well here with all of the stripes!

you can buy the Penelope Red Stripe Bow Knit Top in the Penelope Red Etsy shop.

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