Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Personal Penelope Red Outfits: A look inside my wardrobe!

Above, my Blue Indian-inspired corset dress. It features one-shoulder, gold sequinned beading, and a scarf hanging from the shoulder. I LOVE this dress, and I can't wait for another opportunity to wear it. I feel like a million dollars wearing it!

When I am at the markets, I tell a lot of my customers that virtually my whole wardrobe is Penelope Red. If it isn't Penelope Red, then it is a pair of jeans, vintage pieces, or something that I bought over seas.

Since I am the designer, I feel it is important to wear my own designs... for one thing, it is self promotion, but really, it isn't about that. I design what I want to wear- not what I think would sell. I dream up my ideas in my head, and it is up to me to transfer them to a 3-D object.

The above outfit was worn to the Tessuti Awards 2009. My Black and Lace Winter Dress makes me feel so special! I recently wore this to a wedding.

I love wearing something entirely different to everyone else, and also showing off what I can do!

I think it is also important to try out each style, and work out if it is comfortable; if it fits perfectly; if it needs adjusting.

So, in this posting I have included a few of my favourite Penelope Red outfits.

The above design was for a bush wedding; this red halter dress was a comfortable and beautiful dress, which could easily be worn with my flat sandles.

Yes, the above photo really was shot in Paris! I had planned to go to Europe at the end of their winter. I started to realise before I left that I would be freezing without a coat. I had this wool lying around, that my sister gave me, so I decided to create this coat before I left- I had 4 days before I was leaving! I wore it constantly, and I still wear it today, 5 years on!

Ok, so the little jacket is not Penelope Red, but the skirt is. I have constantly worn this skirt- I have lost count how many times... atleast 50 times. The hubby and I toured Moscow and St. Petersburg, and this is one of the outfits I constantly wore.

Above, the same coat I made before I left for Europe, and this photo was shot in Rome!

This orange top was worn constantly last summer, with my jeans or my black leather mini skirt (a fantastic vintage purchase!).

The Pink Victorian Corset would have to be one of my best ever designs. I have worn mine so many times, and receive comments on it constantly!

My Blue Squiggle Organza skirt was made from a stunning vintage fabric. There was only enough fabric to make one more of these skirts, which has been sold to a lady in Canada!

I made the above vest/blouse especially for this wedding. I started off with one idea, and then it changed as I created it- like most of my designs. This vest always receives many comments when it is worn, so I hope I can wear it again in the coming Summer.

The Penelope Red Black Chiffon Bow Tie Blouse is a top that I wear weekend after weekend! This photo was taken at the Observatory Hotel, having High Tea with a friend.

This was an interesting day (above). My hubby and I went to the Fifties Fair, at Rose Seidler house. I decided to go in Fifties inspired Penelope Red!

My Emerald and Ivory Coat keeps me so cosy and warm in Winter, but I also feel so glamorous, as soon as I put it on! This would have to be one of my all-time favourite designs.

My Coral Kimono (above)... I love it with my black pants, and a sexy heel. One of my friends said to me, "Penny, your wardrobe is like Austin Powers's wardrobe! So much colour..."

I just laughed at that- it made me happy. I can't help it- I love colour! She said that all she has in her wardrobe is black or grey.

One of my favourite dresses, the very first Penelope Red Winter Dress.

Dancing the night away in my Pink Victorian Corset!

I decided to put the above photo last. The girls in this photo I have known since I was 13 or younger. They have seen me in my daggy-est moments, but they have also accepted my style from a young age! I can still remember sitting in maths class, and designing formal dresses, and they all supported me in one way or another while I was designing for my end of school project, or while I was in college, stressing out!

So here's to another couple of decades of my style and fashion!


  1. such a stylista! I recognise one of those photos very well!! XO

  2. The one shouldered dress is divine.... you look beautiful in all your clothes.... xx Lucy

  3. hi girls,

    Looking back at these photos has made me realise I haven't been taking enough when I go out! I have so many outfits, and no photos... something to make sure I do from now on.

  4. Hi Penelope,

    Oh wow ! what a great idea to have a peak inside your wardrobe, I love it, you look hot in everything and you always have such class, it is so inspiring, love it, love you and all your designs xx lorelle

  5. some of these photos are so old now! Thanks Lorelle! i don't know where i would be without you encouraging me along!