Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Environment and Penelope Red

This is just a quick note... Most of the customers that I speak to at the markets will quickly understand that I use a lot of vintage fabrics and trims. I wanted to share with you a few reasons why...

1. I believe in today's world we need to be innovative with what materials we use, and what we choose to discard. It is always important to think of the environment, and do your part. I like to think that instead of irresponsible landfill, I am making something beautiful!

The Venus Floral Bolero, made from two vintage fabrics.

2. I like using vintage and recycled because it gives me access to hard to find prints, and the trims are usually better quality.

I source my materials and trims from many places...If you take a close look at my designs, you will notice a mix of vintage, recycled and new.

The pieces I recycle is either fabric that hasn't been used yet (and doesn't fall under the "vintage" category), or sometimes I find an old garment that has beautiful fabric; I simply wash it, cut it up, and make a Penelope Red design from it.

The Venus Corset, uses two vintage fabrics.

3. I receive a lot of my vintage fabrics and trims from my Mum's friends and my family -so I think it is nice for them to see what I have done with it all.

The new fabrics are purchased from a local Australian supplier.

The Mint Regency Blouse uses a vintage fabric and a vintage trim.

And a Greener Penelope Red:

I have always recycled my patternmaking cardboard and paper (which amounts to quite a lot!), but I have been wanting to find ways to reuse the fabric scraps I have lying around.

I have now found an accessories designer who will collect my off cuts, and use them in her production. Melissa Tan, who makes cute ipod covers, and handbag organisers, will be using these pieces, and I think that all of these small steps will amount to a better Penelope Red!

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